Book Synopsis

Let Your Daddy Lift You UP
Healing Daddy Issues
Father, Daddy, Trauma, Healing, forgive, Restoration

Save me, Lord!  I am struggling to breathe; suffocating in anger, pain, and crippling feelings of abandonment. Why am I here?

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About the Author

Arlene Connelly, Author, Relationship and Family Coach,

 Arlene L. Connelly Passion, Drive and Commitment is to Strengthen the Family and Elevate the Quality of our Relationships so that we Create a Healthier Environment for Children to: Learn, Grow & Thrive.  

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Reclaiming the Fathers: Family and Relationships

Community Forums

Reclaiming the Fathers: Back into the Community, the Family and Relationships

Men & Women rise up and come together to engage in an intimate, thought provoking and transformational dialogue about “Daddy Issues” Join Arlene L. Connelly, author of, “Let Your Daddy Lift You UP: Healing ‘Daddy Issues’ to Build Healthy Relationships” as she facilitates this conversation.  

Arlene L. Connelly is the Founder and CEO of ISEE Group, LLC- and has launched an initiative dubbed “Reclaiming the Fathers: Back into the Community, the Family and Relationships”. The intention is to host a series of forums/gatherings aimed at fostering community dialogue regarding strategies to repair the broken links which keep fathers out of alignment. We seek to create a safe place for dialogue and cultivate an environment conducive for healing, restoration, and renewal to begin.

There is a ‘Daddy Void’ and the traumatic effects of his absence in our lives is felt from childhood into adulthood. Many have endured varying levels of traumatic experiences that have left emotional, psychological, and physical scars. The cycle of brokenness is a shared experience that impacts both men and women, influencing how we show up in our daily lives. 

Excerpt from:  Let Your Daddy Lift You UP: Healing ‘Daddy Issues’
to Build Healthy Relationships

The family structure, as God intended, is under attack and fathers have become the primary target. Healthy relationships, strong marriages, collaborative parenting, and stable environments to raise children are being eroded daily as individuals struggle to build solid relationships that weather the storms of life. Simultaneously, men are struggling to find their place and understand the value and critical role they play in the family unit. Fathers are often mistakenly given a secondary role in the family and child rearing. Keep in mind that sometimes fathers aren’t in the picture, not because they don’t want to be, but because other factors are prohibiting them from operating in their role. There are a variety of reasons or factors that contribute to daddy absenteeism.

Reasons Fathers are Sometimes Absent:

Evolving or Changing Definitions of Roles, Manhood, Maleness; Weak Relationship Development; Economics–The Challenge of Providing or Contributing to The Financial Stability of The Family; Criminal Activity & Criminal Justice System; Societal Infusion into The Family and Systems That Reinforce A Father’s Role as a Financial Provider and Not an Active Care Giver; The Parental Role Is Loosely Supported by Our Societal Framework: Work Hours, School Structure, Housing Conditions, Health Care and Environment.

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Together we have an opportunity to further Strengthen the Network of Individuals, Groups, Organizations, and Initiatives that are Champions for Families!

• Host a Community Forum/Gathering

• Participate in Identifying Resources that Support Men & Fathers

• Support the Establishment of Safe Spaces - Convene Men to Foster Dialogue, Healthy Communication, Training, and Development

• Be Part of the Efforts to Foster Family Strengthening with a Focus on Male Development

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