Book Synopsis

Save me, Lord!  I am struggling to breathe; suffocating in anger, pain, and crippling feelings of abandonment. Why am I here?  Why have I been left alone, unshielded, and unprotected? Where are you daddy?  I long for you to lift me up, to make me feel safe, to cradle me in your arms and lift me higher so that I can see beyond the obstacles ahead.

This book details my personal journey; the pain, anger, hurt, and disappointment felt by growing up fatherless. It is written to help individuals who experienced the void of absentee fathers and who have been left to deal with the aftermath of insecurities, emotional difficulties, and deep fears of rejection and abandonment.

There is a strong, resilient spirit that can arise because of our willingness to stand in our truth, reclaim our story and say ‘YES’ to the call in the depths of our soul for healing. We do not have to feel trapped in bitterness.  That strong and resilient spirit is birthed out of pain. The healthy, loving, and growth-facilitating relationships we desire are available to us; because of our willingness to be lifted...

What I have learned (and has been most useful) is that our Heavenly Father has never left us. He did not forsake us. He has been with us always.  He is ever present, waiting for us to invite Him into our lives and to experience what a relationship with a loving father can be. Let us journey together on a path towards discovery, healing, and freedom.

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